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When you need to get rid of termites, you need the specialized skills of professionals at Brooklyn Exterminator. Specialized liquid pesticides called Termiticides are applied using tools and equipment that only the best pest control company in Brooklyn NY will have. Brooklyn Exterminator has that equipment, specialty products and the knowledge needed for correct application.
Brooklyn Exterminator understands the drastic damage termites can do to your homes and work places. The most common type of termite is the Subterranean Termite does over One Billion Dollars worth of damage every year, and it is found in every state except Alaska.

Brooklyn Exterminator Termite treatments are backed by a full One Year Guarantee. You can trust our method of termite treatment, the Liquid Soil barrier Treatment is the latest and most effective method at controlling termites.
After the initial visit and identification inspection, we suggest our quarterly service schedule as the best way to maintain our Integrated Pest Management System. We do have other service schedules available for annual service calls, and monthly service calls, as well as One Time Treatment for most common household pest that is backed by the Brooklyn Exterminator 30 Day Guarantee.

Utilizing the guidelines of the IPM Program allows us to work out a pest control solution that will include the prevention of pest in the area by controlling the food, water and shelter they seek. Brooklyn Exterminator helps our customers identify the sources pest seek out and eliminate them, then we offer a Free Estimate that is completely accurate in all cost and time frames for elimination of their pest problem.

You can call us anytime day or night for Residential Emergency Pest Control, and we will answer and we will arrive on time, every time. When you are looking for a pest control service in Brooklyn that still believes in doing business with old-fashioned business values, and the ability to balance superior pest management with protecting the environment, call Brooklyn Exterminator. Brooklyn Exterminator uses trained technicians with years of experience who know what to look for, where to look, and how to spot problem areas.

Brooklyn Exterminator technicians use tools like Infrared Pest Inspection, Fiber Optic Searches, close inspection of wall interiors and exteriors, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and all the small spaces where pest look for the three main ingredients that keep them coming back into your business: Shelter, Water, and Food.
Brooklyn Exterminator can provide the certification needed to backup our claims as being the most dependable, trustworthy pest control company in Brooklyn. Every employee has met the strict requirements we have in place. Each has been fully vetted through both the local and New York State authorities, and they have been licensed, certified, bonded, and insured in order to meet all Regulatory Compliance Standards.
Brooklyn Exterminator is always available to our customers for 24/7 Emergency Pest Control. No matter the time, you can call us for help with problems like stinging insect and pest removal, wild life removal. Any time you see a need for regular service, just call Brooklyn Exterminator and get set up for a service call, and we will happily provide a Free Estimate, and an appointment that will be convenient for you.

All of the products we use are safe, and when a stronger formula pesticide is needed for Termite Control, Bedbug Control, Flea and Roach Control, we always strive to use the lowest environmental impact pesticides, powdered and dust chemicals, and foggers.

Brooklyn Exterminator is a full service pest control company that wants you to call them, and find out for yourself just how much value you can find for the best prices for pest control in Brooklyn, NY. Call today or contact us online for Valuable Online Coupons, Free Estimates, and Free Pest Identification Evaluations. Have a look at the Brooklyn Exterminator Website, and you will discover just how much the professional service providers at Brooklyn Exterminator can help you.